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Logic Backwoods Honey Berry Blunts Hoodie


Logic Everybody Black Hoodie

$68.99 $58.99

Logic Everybody Men Hoodie New style

$69.90 $59.90

Logic Everybody Unisex Gray Hoodie


Logic Hoodie – To Be Or Not To Be – Pullover Hoodie


Logic Hoodie Men/Women Winter Polluvers


Logic Merch Pullover Zipper Hoodie

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Logic Merch Unisex zip hoodie


Logic Nasa Space Patches Hoodie

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Logic Rapper Flexicution Merch Hoodie

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Logic Space Everybody Hoodie

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Logic White Hoodie


New logic 3D Hoodie Men/Women Fashion


New Logic Merch Fleece Hoodie

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New Logic Novelty 3D Hoodie


Rapper Logic Hoodie Men/Women Hip Hop

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Rapper Logic Hoodie New 3D print


The last of us 2 Logic Men/Women Hoodie

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New Fashion Logic Sweatshirt


Euro-American street hip hop Logic 3D T-Shirt


Logic 1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Mens T shirt

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Logic Album Confessions Dangerous Mind T Shirt


Logic Cool High Quality Sneaker

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Logic Everybody Logo Mens Black T-Shirt

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Logic Feat Eminem T shirt


LOGIC iPhone Cover Case


Logic Merch 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt


Logic Merch Bedroom Wall Art Poster


Logic Merch Everybody Bomber Jacket


Logic Merch Everybody Dad hat


Logic Merch Everybody Embroidered Polo Shirt


Logic Merch Everybody Men’s Champion T-Shirt


Logic Merch Everybody Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt


Logic Merch Everybody Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt


Logic Merch Everybody Tank Top for Men Women


Logic Merch Long sleeve t-shirt


Logic Merchandise:

Welcome, to our million merch Shop. We are here to help you with the Logic Merch store. We have boundless sizes stock in our warehouse. Our fan choices are logic white hoodieLogic rapper shirt and everybody hoodie logic etc.

Logic Merch Officially at MillionMerch:

Logic has its official logic merch. But here we have in our million merch store. An outstanding collection of everything. Whether it is a logic hoodie. Or some other logic merch item. So below we are to mention these such categories:

Logic Merch Hoodie:

Hoodies are the most crucial accessory in a suitcase.  of its need, in our life. In this regard, logic NASA hoodie. Is always the priority while in the logic merch? Logic rapper hoodie has a high sell record. In this logic everyone hoodie tan holds breaths.

Two more products, logic space patches hoodie. And logic space hoodie. There should always be one person around you. Who is wearing them? Yes, it is true, if you had noticed.

These all are the customers’ top choices, but if you want more than that. We have many more products like that.

Logic Shirt:

It is your choice. That you prefer a long sleeve. Or you are fond of the short sleeve. Well, we honor your preference. We are providin you with every size. Every kind of fabric. Every color that is trending in logic rapper merch.

Logic t-shirts are a good choice. On every occasion. If you want to look casual, you can have them. Because of logic rapper t-shirts. Are always out of stock. So we have filled our stock up to the mark.

Logic Trousers:

Our site as you have seen above. Is offering logic merch couple code discount. This discount is up to 24%. The trousers are there to provide ease. Of all day long tired people.

Always wear them.

Besides logic merch. It is logic fans’ first choice. So we have a lot of trousers in variety.

As often there are black trousers which are in common use, but the reason to remain out of stock. That sizes matter, so we have a lot of different sizes. Which will meet your desire.

Logic Shoes:

Logic merchandise has a lot of quality in shoes.  they are famous.

But one should be careful in choosing a merchandise store to buy these shoes. of what they show.

Is nothing they ship? So we have this solution. Which will make the customer buy again and again.

Shoes provide comfort to feet. But nowadays comfort is to remain intact with fashion. And fashion is the trend that is going on in the market.


Suppose you are on your way. And on your way, blazing rays of the sun surrounded you. In this situation, the smart move is to out cap on your head. But if you do not have a hat.

What you should do. Is to visit the million merch store. Having a logic of passion in your heart. You will find each kind of hats here.

Logic Biography

Who was Logic?

Every artist in the music world has its side names. These names are more common in public than their real name. The world knows Logic, but some people do not even know his real name.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall, this is the real name. This name is well aware of people having an interest in hip-hop. Like other singers, he was also addicted to drugs. But the rest of the singer revealed in some way.

That they have an addiction to something. But he refused, to accept his addiction. He has a marijuana addiction. Also, he said in one of his interviews. That he does not even smoke a single time and also he did not even weed in the past.

He married to his singer friend, Jessica Andrea. But after something, announced the separation. A divorce after some era. He is now 30 years old. He has one child who was born in his year, 2020.

Early Life:

He was born on 22 January 1990 in a hospital. Situated in his mother town, Rockville Maryland. He also had his childhood in some kind of depression.

His father is addicted to drugs. And remains missing in his childhood. Now in early age, he had to leave school.  He had much attention to singing. He always remained missing from his school.

Logic Career:

He becomes fond of singing. He has a keen desire to become a rapper. After he saw the movie. The movie name was ‘Kill Bill’. Solomon Taylor was the man. Who taught him the basics of rapping? He became his mentor.

Being very effected by the movie group. Soon, he decided to start his career as a rapper. He started two projects. Which was a great success. He released another mixtape. Which depicts everything about his life.

Such as his father’s drugs. His mother being stab. Also that he expelled from his school.

After that, he made his tour which was undeniable for him. From where he starts his logic tour merch.

In his Twitch career, he was active from 2013 and still now. He is active in it. He had tons of followers here. Followers’ aside, his views are much more than his followers. That he had no competition for figures with his followers.

Famous songs & YouTube Vogue:

All famous songs have the popularity of that kind. Which can make kneel, who try to compete. His songs are over a million views. The YouTube world has gone crazy after he released his songs. On youtube, his subscribers are 3.75 million.

But always the following figures have no concern with views. On a single song, views are about to touch hundreds of views. Some of his famous and latest songs are below:

  • Aquarius
  • Icy
  • Homicide
  • Confessions of a dangerous man
  • The Return

Logic is not on social media. Different people have different views on it.No one knows what the real issue behind this is. It is very unlike as compare to other hip-hop rappers that he removed his accounts.

He has a record in his net worth. According to analysis, in 2018 he had earned 18 million dollars. Which is compatible with a net worth.

You are ready to buy Logic Merchandise?

In the MillionMerch Store, we have the finest stuff. In spite of the fact that some other stores. Faces out of stock problems. We are ready to cover Logic shoes, jackets, sweatshirts. And many more that you can find here.